As part of our commitment to bring our users even greater convenience and efficiency, were thrilled to introduce the DANA Wallet cashout feature on the Cashtree app. With DANA Wallet, you can now transform your points into IDR, which you can use seamlessly for many online transactions. This blog post aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this innovative feature.

What is the DANA Wallet Cashout Feature?

In essence, the DANA Wallet cashout feature allows users to convert their Poin directly into IDR for use in the DANA Wallet. With DANA, you can efficiently conduct transactions - from sending money to buying pulsa (mobile prepaid credit), paying bills, and making e-commerce purchases.

How Does It Work Within the Cashtree App?

  1. Account Registration and Activation: To use this feature, you first need to download the Cashtree app and create an account by registering with your email address and phone number. Once verified, you can use the app and start accruing points.
  2. Point Collection: You can accumulate points through various activities Cashtree offers, such as completing tasks or inviting friends to join the app. Each completed activity translates into points added to your account.
  3. Exchanging Points for DANA Balance: With enough points, head to the Shop menu to convert points into Dana balance.
  4. Withdrawing DANA Balance: Choose a withdrawal method that suits you best once your points are converted into DANA balances. Options range from bank transfers to other e-wallets or cash withdrawals through specific partners or cooperative networks.

Benefits of the New Feature

Integrating the DANA e-wallet within the Cashtree app brings several benefits to users. First, the feature offers unmatched convenience, allowing users to convert their points into DANA balances easily. This means going through only a few steps to cash out your rewards.

Second, security is paramount in the Cashtree app. The DANA e-wallet is protected with advanced security systems to ensure secure transactions.

Finally, the transfer process is fast and efficient. This means you can spend less time cashing out your rewards and more time enjoying them. Plus, there are additional benefits such as cashback and special discounts.

How to Cash Out to Your DANA Wallet

  1. Open the Cashtree app on your device.
  2. Navigate to the Shop Menu.
  3. Select the option to exchange with DANA balance.
  4. Click the Redeem Now button and then the Buy button. Ensure your registered number in Cashtree is valid and linked to a DANA account.
  5. Click OK to proceed with the conversion.
  6. Check your DANA balance within the app. It should reflect the updated amount immediately.

Eligibility Criteria and Limits

The minimum amount for redemption is 300 points. Also, daily and monthly limitations are in place for converting points into DANA balance to maintain balance and prevent feature misuse.

Availability and Support

While the DANA cashout feature is not yet live, it will soon launch in the Cashtree app. If you encounter issues using this feature, you can contact Cashtrees Customer Support by emailing

Upcoming Improvements and Security Measures

We are continuously working to provide you with more cash-out options soon! Also, to protect user transactions, users can only redeem points with DANA using the number registered in the Cashtree app. This ensures that only you can access and use the feature.

With this new addition, we aim to create an even more user-friendly environment where you can effortlessly convert your points into usable currency, making your Cashtree experience all the more rewarding. Happy saving and spending!