Pioneering the Future of Mobile Advertising and Web3 Technology

Cashtree, Indonesia`s leading mobile advertising platform, is taking bold steps into the future of Web3 and mobile advertising. With over 10 million installs, Cashtree continues to expand its reach by integrating cryptocurrency and blockchain technology into its ecosystem. The team behind this pioneering effort is illustrious, composed of industry professionals from diverse backgrounds and profound experience.

Dallen Kim — Founder

Dallen is a seasoned veteran with 22+ years in the startup/IT industry. Known for co-founding Neople and developing `Dungeon & Fighter — 地下城与勇士,` the highest-grossing game of all time, Dallen has a knack for creating high-impact products. His current role as an advisor and investor in various startup companies and Pulse9, a company that developed the first global Virtual Idol `ETERNITY,` offers invaluable guidance to the Cashtree project.

Agust Tampubolon — Co-CEO & CTO

Agust brings 10+ years of IT experience to the team. His background includes working as a Software Architecture & Senior Engineer, a Front End Developer Asst. Manager at AXA Services Indonesia and Xuenn Software Solution. Agust`s Scrum certification and expertise in Web 2.0 will be invaluable as he leads the tech operations at Cashtree.

Alexander Markl — Co-CEO & Head of Web3

Leading the transition to Web3, Alexander Markl brings a wealth of experience in digital product engineering and quantitative digital asset trading. Co-founder and CEO of Sun Labs, a digital asset management solutions provider, Alexander`s expertise will be instrumental in shaping the future of Cashtree.

Jenny — Chief Strategy Officer

As co-founder and CFO of Sun Labs, Jenny lends her expertise in quantitative analysis, econometrics, and data science to the Cashtree project. Having previously co-founded crypto quant trading firm SW Capital, Jenny is well-versed in the digital asset trading sector.

Bonifacio — Chief Crypto Officer

Bonifacio has over 12 years of experience in the creative industry, dealing with global clients. His role as CCO is backed by his experience as PT. Cashtree For Indonesia Head of Business Development, MarComm Asst. Manager at AXA Mandiri GI and Business Development at PEACH, a UK AdTech Company.

William Purdy — Chief Marketing Officer

William Purdy, the Head of Growth at Sun Labs AG, brings over ten years of experience in traditional finance and digital asset markets. His expertise in social media and digital marketing will be pivotal in promoting Cashtree`s new initiatives.

Robin Jang — Co-Founder & COO

Robin’s 14+ years in the IT industry and his experience as Coinone Indonesia COO and Vexanium Co-Founder & COO provide a solid foundation for his role at Cashtree.

Ridho — Head Designer

Ridho is a veteran graphic designer with 12+ years of experience in design and creative industries. His rich portfolio includes work for Hakuhodo Indonesia Advertising Agency, Electronic Solution, Topindo Lucky Sport, and PT. Cashtree For Indonesia lends a unique aesthetic to Cashtree`s brand.

Ridcat Simbolon — Senior Software Engineer

Ridcat Simbolon, a formidable force in the IT industry, boasts over a decade of experience. His career includes key roles in PT. ARC Indonesia, PT. HDI Indonesia, and PT. Cashtree For Indonesia. With his expertise in backend programming and IT management, Ridcat is integral in supporting Cashtree’s technical infrastructure.

Rifa Herlandy — Product Development

Rifa brings 10+ years of experience in the IT industry to the table. His past roles include the Project Operation Manager and Product Development Manager at PT. Media Baru Digital and PT. Cashtree For Indonesia. Rifa`s knack for product development ensures that Cashtree continues to deliver innovative solutions that resonate with its user base.

The Advisory Board

Cashtree`s advisory board is comprised of highly respected professionals from diverse sectors, each bringing unique insights and expert knowledge to the table.

Keebeom Kim, the current CTO of Kakao Entertainment and CEO of Supercomix, has 20+ years of engineering and platform business experience in South East Asia. He’s known for founding Valuepotion, a data-driven marketing/advertisement platform startup, which he sold in 2017.

Heuibae Kim, the CEO & Founder of SOMESING, brings over 7 years of experience and technical expertise in the mobile `Singing Content Platform` and blockchain Industry. His blockchain-based karaoke apps on Klaytn have accrued more than 1.5M users and 10M TX.

Sangsoo Kim has an impressive 20 years of experience in Private Equity, Venture Capital, Infrastructure, and Startups. With his credentials as a CPA, and CFA, his insights are invaluable to the financial strategy of Cashtree.

Tammy brings two decades of experience in the finance and technology sectors. Having worked as an investment strategist at Citibank and co-founded both Jenga K, a blockchain consultancy, and Lodestart, a startup research firm, her guidance is instrumental to Cashtree`s strategic decisions.

Gun Gun Febrianza, the author of 6 programming books and the founder of Discord Blockchain Indonesia, contributes to the team with his 9 years of experience in IT Development and 5 years in the blockchain scene.

Jay Lim, with his experience in Startup Acceleration, Investment, and Strategy, is another essential advisor in Cashtree’s journey.

Balqis contributes her expertise in Korean Studies and international relations, evidenced by her ASEAN International Mobility Scholarship Awardee and a Harvard National MUN Diplomatic Commendation.

Nikolay `Niko` Akatyev brings his cybersecurity expertise to the team, with his 8 years in the field and 10 years in software development. He`s a digital forensics mentor at Korea Best of the Best (BoB) Cybersecurity program, and he has also founded the Seoul Tech Society.

Robby Jeo, the founder & CEO of Kommunitas (an IDO Platform), offers his skills in business development and expansion, while

Nanda Ivens, the former CMO of Tokocrypto, brings over 20 years of experience in advertising, communication, and digital marketing to the table.

Cashtree`s remarkable advisory board and highly skilled team are all set to propel the company into the future of mobile advertising and Web3 technology. Their collaborative effort promises a pioneering stride in integrating the crypto ecosystem into the advertising space, leading to exciting developments.

Innovation doesn`t occur in a vacuum, and the Cashtree team exemplifies the synergy created when experienced professionals converge on a shared vision. Their combined expertise, coupled with a future-focused outlook, is set to redefine mobile advertising, incorporating Web3 technology to foster a new age of consumer rewards and engagement. Stay tuned for more updates on this pioneering journey!

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