Dive into the remarkable journey of Cashtree, Indonesias trailblazing mobile rewards application.

In 2015, Cashtree arrived in Indonesia with a revolutionary innovation. They introduced a rewards application that allowed users to earn mobile credit and other incentives in a unique way. In a short period, Cashtree achieved 1 million downloads, solidifying its position as a leader in the world of mobile rewarding apps.

In 2017, Cashtree continued to innovate with various redemptions, enabling users to earn more than just mobile credit. They also organized exciting events that captivated millions of users. As Cashtree celebrated its second anniversary, it had already reached 10 million users. This was evidence of their loyal user bases growing love and trust.

In 2019, Cashtree introduced new features such as bidding and snapcash, providing users with more ways to earn incentives. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Cashtree remained by their users side with entertainment options like Comic Centre and the DASH chat feature.

In 2021, Cashtree revamped its user interface, offering a more exciting experience for users.

And in 2022, Cashtree continued to innovate. They distributed THR (Tunjangan Hari Raya) worth millions of rupiah to many users and launched Cashtree POP Agents for services that make it easier for users to top up their mobile credit, pay PLN and BPJS bills, and much more. Cashtree also introduced Cashtree LIVE! with attractive prizes and held the CASHTREE PARTEE event with giveaways such as motorcycles, gold, e-wallets, and fashion products.

And now, in 2023, Cashtree has become an integral part of the lives of 20 million users in Indonesia. They introduced a new feature, daily DANA balance redemption, and most anticipated of all, Cashtree celebrates a new achievement by launching Cashtree Token, or CTT. As the pioneer of the first mobile advertising platform to implement blockchain technology in Indonesia, this is a significant step.

Join us as we chronicle the milestones, innovations, and vibrant legacy of Cashtree!