The Fastest Growing Mobile Advertising
Platform in Indonesia.

Why Cashtree?

Deliver your brand message whenever consumers check their smartphones through Cashtree’s lockscreen ads!

Cashtree’s goal is to become the most influential mobile media reaching mid class Indonesians. Even until now, terrestrial TV has been almost the only media reaching this class. As smartphone penetration skyrockets, however, smartphone’s influence on consumer behavior will continue to expand. Grasping lock screen of mid class consumers, we believe that Cashtree is not far away from crystalizing our vision.

Mobile Optimized Ads Format

Go beyond the limits of small screen size through Cashtree’s mobile optimized ads format!

Biggest disadvantage of mobile ads comes from the small screen size. Message small banners can convey is very limited. Cashtree feeds advertisement on users’ lock screen on a full screen format. It can not only convey the message effectively, but also yield higher conversion compared to other ads types.

Sophisticated Targeting Options

Reach right audience through diverse targeting options through Cashtree!

Cashtree provides diverse targeting options to make sure that the advertisers are delivering their brand message to the correct prospective target market.

Engagement Based Ads

Trigger engagement through Cashtree’s performance based ads!

Cashtree can trigger consumers to take actions beyond merely clicking the advertisement. Actions include, but not limited to, installing applications, signing up for a service, watching video and clicking like on Facebook. Other types of actions can also be supported upon your request!

Case study

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Reinforce Close-Up’s brand campaign achieving optimal awareness by driving traffic and increasing campaign participation


UC Browser

Increased UC browser userbase through download campaign,
meeting their KPI on D+7 retention



Expose 21sec_indonesia event on lock screen
and driven organic downloads to the page.